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Shakira feat. Rihanna: Can’t Remember To Forget You (2014)

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Demolition Derbitch

Shakira (Shakira) is a young Columbian entrepreneur with a business project she’s determined to make happen, so she has installed her bed in the staircase of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and won’t take no for an answer. Her goal to set up a demolition company and bring down the house, but she lacks the womanpower to do so.

Fortunately, persistence and clever networking allow her to meet Rihanna (Rihanna), another young entrepreneur with a matching set of skills. Together, there is nothing they can’t demolish by repeatedly banging it with their derrière. Their partnership is sealed with a day at the spa and Cuban cigars. The joint venture prospers, allowing them to buy some bling.

But Shakira is already one business plan ahead: to promote their expansion in electrical wiring, she plays guitar in the water puddle resulting from their successful demolition work. You won’t remember to forget it, ever!

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