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Revenge S1E06: Intrigue

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My Name is Faux-Pas, Fashion Faux-Pas

It’s Fourth of July this week, yihuuu! Everyone involved gets geared up for the Grayson’s party but wait, there are news: Lydia is just “in a coma”, understand she will spring out of the woodwork whenever the writers will need her, and there is a risk, says Nolan to Terminily that “the only thing that she remembers is you”. Sure, it makes a lot of sense. In case she will have amnesia, the providence of poor scriptwriters, the only thing she will remember is neither the face or her mother nor her taste in clothes, but a detail of a picture she saw once. Because this series is about revenge and every character is a monomaniac, see.

Terminily therefore decides to frame Goon Frank for Lydia’s assault, making him a powerful enemy in the process. Also, it’s quite a clever strategy as it annihilates the “Lydia as perp” previous plan. But you know, means to an end. And Emily is neverendingly mean, even if she’s unable to “do the maths”.

The night before the big party, a double date occurs between Emily/Daniel and Ashley/Taylor. Ashley is there from the beginning but one never mentioned her before because she has no interest whatsoever; one is unfair, considering she’s in charge of staging the Grayson’s social life, so she has been quite a busy bee. Anyway, she tries two pronounciations of “Montrachet” and fails at both. Things get sour between Taylor, lying about his past, and Emily, who makes herself another enemy. Girl, you are good at multitasking!

In New York, Goon Franck finds out Logan was in Lydia’s apartment and adds two and two: Terminily is now in his crosshair. Some nonsense happens with lobsters, Declan and What’s-Her-Name, the other Grayson child played by a young and pretty woman.

The 4th of July starts on the Degas at the left of the bathroom and then festively proceeds to more antagonism. Creep Taylor drugs Daniel during his first night as a bartender then, in his best Jungle Book’s Kaa voice, attempts to persuade him that he’s a fool and that they should remain bros. We’ll call it bromance for now but Taylor, buddy, you’re pushing family boundaries a tad too far.

A firework scene obliges Terminily to wear her heart upon her sleeve for us the audience and wonder what her life would have been if she had decided to bang the poor rugged bar-owner instead of pursuing her Machiavelian… Revenge!

Fun of the week: “This has always been one of my favorite sights. You and the sunset.”¬†One bows at the power of great dialogue.

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