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Revenge S1E02 (2011)

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Trust (but only yourself)

In The Hamptons fantasy universe, Quidditch is called Polo and it involves horses instead of brooms. Monster of the week is Bill Harmon, financial advisor to the wealthy, whose Achille’s heel is merger and acquisitions. Relying heavily on frenemy Nolan even though she swore not to do so last week, Emily vanquished him for a meagre 3 billion dollars.

Victoria’s husband is threatened by non-grata Lydia, ruined by not reading her prenup before cheating on her husband. Honey, sell the Van Gogh, quick!

While Victoria herself ominously peers from her dungeon in Emily’s villa, all but unleashing bats to bleed her, poor little rich girl celebrates her own birthday with a one-candle cupcake. Sad, really. “Only trust yourself”, she says, which sounds like the antithesis of trust.

Shouldn’t this episode be called “Self-confidence”, while “Trust” had been a better title for the pilot, with Emily’s fortune placed in a trust by her father? Well, what does one know…

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