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Madonna: Bad Girl (1993)

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The Lady Is a Tramp

Amidst the helter-skelter which accompanied the release of her Sex book and its companion piece, the much reviled yet brilliant Erotica, Our Lady Madonna had enough time on her hands to produce and perform in one of the best thrillers of the 90s. What makes it so good is that it’s 5:23 to begin (and end) with. Also, Matt Dillon is in it. And also, it’s brilliant.

Helmed by a top-notch David Fincher in hiatus between The Game and Fight Club, populated by character actors, Bad Girl features Christopher Walken as the Angel of Death. Should one really say more?

Startingly starting with Louise Ciccone’s (the name on her corner office door) death at the hand of a serial killer bearing some ressemblance to Mr Goodbar then going against time as only angels can do, the movie explains how and why did Our Lady Madonna die. She was promiscuous and “not happy this way”. She was doing everything too much: smoking, drinking, fucking. And bless her wretched soul.

The movie would not be as effective without Walken, who can channel absolutely anything while doing nothing but stare, providing he can dance for a little while. What he does here is nothing short of astonishing. She’s looks up at him like a scared puppy. He is both guardian angel and exterminator, kissing her to the death she so clearly has a wish for. One way or another. She has taken a painful route.

Beyond the thrill of being killed during sex by a good looking guy, the movie is about the frailty of a highly empowered person meeting her end by way of a “Bloody Rampage” serial killer. What does one think when the last person one sees is crushing one like a insect? There is a brilliant sound cut when the murder occurs, only evocated by a mouth freshener and a hissing cat. Inhale, exhale. Die. Yes it’s a Madonna video, yes it’s fluff. Now tell what was better in the 90 apart Silence of the Lambs and Seven.

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