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Lucifer S1E02: Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

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Luci, as Demon Amenadiel keeps calling him, does his best not to succumb to boredom in contemporary LA. He punishes a charlatan, screws his shrink and plays The Police on the piano in his empty Lux club (get out of the 80s, already!). This ennui is existential: rubbing against humans is changing him, but he’s in denial even though three secondary characters tell him so in 15 minutes.

As in the first episode, the best scene involves Chloe’s daughter and the Devil’s awkwardness around children. Also, not only we get a peep at the Hot Tub High School DVD sleeve but we learn that at its most hilarious Chloe “pukes into a guy’s hair”. And Chloe’s mother Penelope was “the queen of the 80’s cheeseball scifi”! One just hopes this character will be developed.

Oh, some guy dies in a car crash caused by a paparazzo vaguely inspired by the Weegee-inspired character played by Jude Law in Road to Perdition. There is a sad bit part by Jeremy Davies, a gifted actor whose performance in Solaris was great. The man deserves better than playing the occasional scumbag in TV series.

Maze finally gets to rough up a perp, Nadi (Amenadiel is far too long) does bullet time and Chloe gets confirmation by a third party that Luci is the Devil. Well, that’s what he keeps repeating her, but apparently being immune to his charm is based on not listening to his bullshit. Simple at that!

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