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Lucifer (2015)

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I Love Luci

Starting with a “In the beginning…” card weirdly echoing the biblical epic reviewed two weeks ago, Lucifer was a dark horse to make it to our Devil Week but temptation proved, as usual, impossible to resist. Having only watched the pilot of he DC Comics based series aired on Fox, one can’t say much more that it looks quite sleek and seems like a hoot. Oh, and that is an empowering jackass fantasy.

What if the Devil was in LA and could do anything a 15 years old wants, like driving fast, getting laid a lot, mastermind anyone and generally chill? Wouldn’t being such a slacker the acme of cool? No idea where they gonna go with this one, hoping it won’t be only “The Devil is LAPD”. Hell, let’s chill with the Devil!

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Episode 1 Pilot

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Did you know the Devil was British all along? Welsh, even? Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has left the Hell building for relatively edenic California so demons are getting restless. He’s a club owner (Lux, ha, witty!) drives a vintage sports car well over the speed limit while listening to loud music and he can get any woman he wants. He calls everyone “human” or “maggot”. Fuck, man, this is way too cool.

He exfiltrated Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) with him, she says “I’m a big fan of sex but I didn’t leave Hell to be a bartender”. Well love, the boss has left Hell to run a club where crowds dance to David Bowie’s Fame in 2016, so he should know better, right? Demon Amenadiel (easy on the eye D.B. Woodside) appears to remind Lucifer he’s due back downstairs and calls him “a mockery of everything divine”. That is NOT how someone calls anyone else very often.

An R&B prop is shot by some crystal meth dealer, allowing Chloe (Lauren German), the hot blonde detective who featured in Hot Tub High School – only in this series universe, deplorably – to ask Lucifer Morningstar “What planet are you from, London?”. She’s weirdly immune to his sex appeal, so together they embark in the thrill of investigating a murder. Except Lucifer, the most handsome and most knowledgeable of angels, can’t follow police work.

Along the way, they confront a rap singer hilariously named 2Vile and his posse, crash a producer/supermodel wedding and antagonise Chloe’s estranged husband. This is, one hopes, during an exchange with Chloe’s daughter Beatrice that the writing becomes quite good, finding a footing between smart and lucidrous (pun intended).

Chloe dies but not. Amenadiel drops by again. Lucifer Morningstar goes to see an ugly shrink when he was supposed to bed the supermodel. Come on dude, know your priorities!

Lucifer is, like Damien but for very different reasons, a promising start. One now has coast-to-coast Evil to review!

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