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Loop de Li (2014)

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Less Than Psycho

One might argue that Bryan Ferry is the original Tom Ford, inventing porn chic before Gucci even contemplated having a naked male model licking a golden alligator stiletto. Some late 70s reviews called Roxy music “scary, even repulsive”, after all. Still, the Roxy/Ferry video outputs were pretty tame for more than two decades, with impossibly good looking models wearing a mix of prom dresses (Avalon), cutting edge absurd fashion (Mamouna) or sanitized fetish gear including Mugler couture (All the rest including Slave to Love, the Mondino-shot glorified peep show castrated by a father/daughter love finale).

Nothing was very scary, or repulsive, or even risky about it, and there might be a thing or two to be said about Bryan Ferry’s lipsynch, giving the impression he just got out of a  double wisdom teeth extraction and needed some time before the novocaine wore off.

But here we are now, and Loop de Li shatters this glossy feel completely. An origin story for American Psycho set in a Less Than Zero environment, Loop de Li is scary and occasionaly repulsive, a potent parti-pris when based on the infectiously decadent chorus of one of the darkest song Ferry has ever written – consider the last minute, during which   “Hatred, Bitter” is repeated over the oniric aftermath of a fraternity party turned mayhem.

The “Limbo”-inspired beat is looming over the moor, smooth-chested college boys have tea cup golf and group sex but little did they now their exclusive club harbours a sociopath. Loop de Li sports an hypnotic zoom on a cream door, an albino snake and the shower scene both “Less Than Zero” and “American Psycho” should have depicted. Scary, yes, repulsive, yes, and those in one’s vocabulary are compliments of the first order.

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