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Drinking Game: Parasaito Ivu (Parasite Eve – 1997)

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MONEY    Monstrometer1
LONELINESS    Monstrometer2
BOREDOM    Monstrometer1
FEAR    Monstrometer1
TIME   Monstrometer2



We @modernmonsters are not partial to binge drinking unless it is done with a reason. And what better reason could be but celebrating your mother’s contribution to your own DNA? In the context of this week’s festivity, please consider our first drinking game (available on YouTube), the Japanese movie titled Parasite Eve, to which one was first attracted because its Joe Hisaishi score. It is adapted from a game; consider yourself warned.

Take a shot of your poison of choice every time someone says “mitochondria”. Most of you will be in a Glasgow coma by the 15′ mark. For the hardened warriors who will remain conscious afterwards, no worry, it keeps coming back. We guarantee total annihilation by the finale.

Oh, the movie? Who cares? It’s all about mitochondria. Take a shot.

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