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Damien S1E03: The Deliverer

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Holy Shit

One just got news Damien was not renewed for a second season and is quite devastated: this series is a guilty pleasure. Anyway, chin up folks, and let’s proceed. This episode does nothing to simplify the rottweiler situation: devil dogs are like weeds, they sprout just about anywhere. One is menacingly eavesdropping on a police conversation while a driven detective with spooky eyes connects the dots between the three previous deaths, with Damien as the common denominator. “The Holy Trinity is some crazy shit”, comments his superior.

Damien and good willing sidekick Amani are fired after the former has received a Second Coming briefing by Ann Rutlege; the latter might have a job in Kiev: to each his own. Damien pays a visit to the former White House’s Chief of Staff, whom he knows well since he was living there as a child and the guy covered from his various mischiefs,  even though the First Lady saw through it. Let’s just sink that in for a moment.

John Lyons, that’s his name, dishes the dirt on Ann Rutlege: she “channelled billions” to an evil corporation named Armitage Industries. “But I thought they only did financial services”, objects Damien. Pet, read the name.

Damien, the titular “Deliverer”, stations his huge SUV in front of Armitage headquarters, where he witnesses an argument between Ann Rutlege and the guy just promoted to replace her as his custodian. She knows that Damien is also “the Destroyer”, and he promptly runs to her rescue to prove it, with a twist: promoted guy is killed by a subway escalator while Damien saves a kid from being run over by a train. Good, Evil, kung-fu fighting.

We got the confirmation Ann Rutlege is really evil, since she’s pictured with Dick Cheney and she has a 666 tatoo inside her left thigh. When it bleeds she has an orgasm. Yup. John Lyons is evidently evil (and it seems, Armitage’s boss or something, so why the hell did he directed Damien’s focus this way?). Driven cop kills the rottweiler attacking him, so he deserves to die die die next week. “It’s like wherever I go, Death follows”, deplores Damien. Or is it?

Oh, and yeah, Simone’s bangs are well in the way to eat up her face entirely. And a priest calls her “honey”. Are we in christianity or insanity?

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