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Happy Monster Day To All!

We are one, folks, thank you for having made that possible!

We’ll kickstart 2017 tomorrow with the year’s best/worst of and rest assured that the show will go on.

We hope we’ll be many more to celebrate our next anniversary.

Be well!

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The Slow Disappearance of Meaning and Truth

Answered Prayers

Anytime one visits a Japanese temple, one is confronted with walls of votive tablets hung under little roofs.


These tablets carry wishes of the faithful for longevity, health, prosperity or luck, as one would expect in any place of worship.


Sometimes though, the demands can be a bit more on the specific side.


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The Slow Disappearance of Meaning and Truth

Invasion Of Privacy

Too many people ignore the risk of posting their boarding pass online, so eager they are to show their friends, and the world, what jet-setters they are. Deleting your name or your seat number is an elementary precaution, but the same information and much more are stocked in the easily decoded barcode. So it has to go too. Even then though, some private information can remain for all to see, as demonstrated below:


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