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Are you a Blacklist character?

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  1. You remember the name of everyone you ever met, and their relatives’, too.
  2. You are number 128 in a list of 100.
  3. Your hairstyle is confusing, but it reflects your inner turmoil.
  4. You have to open doors by yourself since the Asian woman whose function it was got assassinated before your very eyes. Damn doors.
  5. You have a seemingly endless collection of frenemies.
  6. You are the son of a cop and a cop yourself, very much of a straight arrow. That makes you boring even for the writers, so limited is your range.
  7. You are pregnant with the child of a contract killer you repeatedly beat up before sequestrating and torturing him. You are swooned when he proposes and you swear to have and to hold him.
  8. A senior agent, you are prone to venial faults like betraying your agency or nosying into your colleagues’ private life. Everyone involved loves you all the more for it.
  9. Your inexpugnable glass cell can only be open with a four digit code that even the smartest hackers can’t break.
  10. You are not the best looking lesbian on God’s green Earth, but you damn know your way with sulfuric acid.
  11. You can wax rhapsodically about the fate of this world, or donuts, sometimes in the same train of thought.
  12. You are the boss, so you are sick when you are not and you’re not when you are. It goes with the territory.
  13. You are vertically challenged and you enjoy making a point how shorter-fused than you taller and more powerful people are.
  14. You had a mother and a father once. Well, you think.
  15. You are black and muscular, gifted with a conscience and you mostly are abused, abducted and/or tortured. Also, you can drive.
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