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American Horror Story S6E02


The Alphabet Is So Funny

So we’ll get Gaga after all, we are so lucky! Either she’s definitely a retard cultist hardly glimpsed in this episode segment inspired by Gone with the Wind (“It’s a great day for a barbecue!”), or her final credit is just the premise of more to come. Who knows. It’s only the second episode and we are definitely lost. Last week, Shelby wanted nothing more than to leave the house but she turned 180° and now fights for it. Last week, Lee was a strong woman but she fell off the wagon and is now a confused, terrified drunk, not Amanda Bassett’s forte. Last week the writers were defying expectations and now it’s like they try to fit them all (“It’s a cult!”, “It’s Charles Manson”), only it seems more like Blair Witch with explicit images; not that it seems a bad idea, but is it a good one?

So what kind of progress are we making in the understanding of this season’s purpose, not helped by the cast, having to act clueless when Season 5: Hotel was about knowing all and speaking in ironic, oracular terms about what was happening at the Hotel Cortez? Well, the interracial couple has officially become “kooks crying wolves”, because they can’t help being terrified by the house they foolishly bought. Not helping is the fact that Flora, the daughter Lee abducted to protect her (and you were fired for what, again?) vanishes after stating that she was making friend with a ghost girl “so she will kill me last”. Careful what you’re wishing, hon, shouldn’t you wish to go first in order the be spared your family’s massacre? Just a thought…

We get introduced to the Euthanasia Sisters, giggling nurses shooting old crones in the head while developing a language of their own, based on the letters of their name. That’s called “folie à deux”, one thinks. Anyway, the letters on the walls spell MURDE, which is a tad less encrypted than in The Shining. The same “mysterious” message appears under the – ludicrously easy to tear down – wallpaper. The Millers can well be 21st century Americans, mortgaged up to their neck, they nevertheless start to self-destroy their property and therefore themselves.

There is also more found footage, about which two things can be said: it comes very late in that specific line of business, and it has no credible contender on the cheap side of filming. Here, we have someone having lived in the basement for years, researching for a book titled Helter Skelter (ha!). There are numerous shots blurring the line between what is seen and what is not. There is what appears as a deliberate attempt to utterly emasculate the character played by Cuba Gooding Jr.

Some stuff puzzle, though. Before the child vanishes into thin air, no one seemed bothered enough to spend more than five minutes in the same room than her and she is pretty much left to her own devices. There is some poetic justice in having her kidnapped after her mother did so. Also, why is the alphabet so funny for the Naughty Nurses from Hell? One would love their bloody rampage to be rooted in language but it seems somehow unlikely. But Kathy Bates is having a great time as usual, that’s cool.

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