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Were you working on The Omen?

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  1. You accepted the lead role, knowing that you had to kill your screen son, but your own just committed suicide. You are a veteran but nevertheless conflicted.
  2. Your flight to shooting location is shot by lightning strike
  3. Your flight to shooting location is shot by lightning strike, but this time you are the producer, not the star.
  4. You accept a discount for a later flight to shoot aerials, and the aircraft you were supposed to board crashes, given a flock of birds fly into it.
  5. You are an awful brat everyone involved wants to strangle.
  6. You padded as thick as you could, but the rottweilers still sent you too the ER.
  7. You freaked out when baboons didn’t act Method.
  8. You were a zoo-keeper and you got killed by a tiger, leading to the scene ending up in the cutting room floor.
  9. Your hotel got bombed by the IRA.
  10. The restaurant you booked for a recomforting diner after the bombing of your hotel got bombed by the IRA.
  11. Being convinced than Satan is at work, you chicken out of the logical ending of the movie and you get killed in the process.
  12. You have a terrible time with Marketing after all of the above.
  13. On your next movie, you unexplainably jump between airbags and end up in ER.
  14. You know Hebrew, so every figure stands for a letter and 666 means the Internet is the work of the Devil.
  15. On your next movie, your assistant is cut in half 66.6 miles to a place called Ommen.
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