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W Bogota


Con Mucho Gusto y Lulo

It’s impossible to criticise the W Bogota because this hotel gets the one absolutely right: hospitality. From reception to housekeeping, with the most affable concierge team one has met in many cities, the staff is consistently friendly, smiling, sometimes deliciously dedicated to keep the guests satisfied. One of the concierges walked one ten minutes to the nearest Amex ATM and back, all the while happy to have the opportunity to practice French, for instance. And as usual, there is a W Insider, Jonathan, who does a great job knowing everything and then some. He publishes on a monthly newsletter with new cool shops, restaurants and galleries, and he made one’s chauffeured shopping day unforgettable. Bless you, Jonathan.

But the hotel, you ask. Well, this W share with a number of sister properties a certain paucity of public spaces, but their design is relatively less garish then say, Bangkok or Istanbul. Considering the artistic choice is a vibrant local mix of El Dorado and street art, one consider it a success. There is a good bar with quality snacks; a great gym and a small indoor pool.

The Cool Corner Room, quite effectively opposing golden accents to a monochromatic backdrop, suffers from the usual open bathroom curse. Large white curtains can isolate the bed, visually if not aurally, in which case one feels a bit quarantined after a chemical plague has been released. The Fantastic Suite has a minimalistic separate living room and a bathroom con jacuzzi next to a vast bedroom.

The hotel is conveniently placed close to an arts-and-crafts market with plenty of restaurants and it proposes an unexpensive car service which avoids one the hassle of dealing with the local taxi mafia. Utterly recommended. One can’t wait to stay there again.

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