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Urban Monthy Colombia: Cartagena


Cartagena de Indias, as it is traditionally called, is a hot (in all senses) mix of beautiful colonial architecture, warm and unobstrusive people and shops of all trades, as it has always been a seaside villegiature of choice for the well off locals – and since its historical center is on the UNESCO list, visitors from across the world.

Here one can stay in a profusion of heritage buildings converted to hotels, some modest and some luxurious, eat great food and shop for the most modest of goods or high end designers, including an impressive array of Colombian ones.

But it’s the intense street life which makes one happy to visit Cartagena and impatient to return there. Day or night, the tiny streets are bustling with people chatting, selling stuff, partying in bars or just living their everyday life. The place is full of energy, and this is good energy. Do not miss it!

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