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Urban Monthly: Florence

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City of Lillies

At the Florence hospital, there is a unit dealing with tourists suffering from the Stendhal syndrom: people who literally are suffocated with beauty. They collapse in front of the Boticellis at the Uffizi, or faint at the view of the violet fields in the Tuscan hills. Italy can be a daunting, almost scary spectacle, and maybe no place in the country inspire the same mix of exhaustion and elation than Tuscany. It’s like a piece of heaven fell on Earth at the Renaissance and was preserved by divine intervention.

If you add to the mix fantastic food, a secular tradition in fabricating music instruments, leather goods and all the trappings of a major shopping spree, this impression of being in heaven only strengthen. Exhausted and elated is indeed how one will feel every evening, after the equivalent of an aestetic carpet-bombing. Please let us pinpoint some of the treats the place has in store for you during the next weeks.

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