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The Panama Notebook

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After a certain age, one should know better than daydreaming about pop stars, but still. One of the reasons for travelling to Panama City was a vivid image of Brian Ferry (when will the man be knighted at last?), wearing a 5000$ Montechristi hat under some palm trees, sipping a cucumber Martini while nonchalantly yet decadently scribbling lyrics for a new song on the pale blue, gold-edged pages of a Panama notebook, specially created for him by Smythsons of Bond Street. That’s a pretty elaborate vision, by the way.

The Panama is sold on the website and comes in three colours. the purple For Your Pleasure obviously makes the best gift. The orange More Than This comes handy to keep track of your excesses, and the black Manifesto will give anyone the intellectual gravitas needed when sitting at the terrace of a Left Bank/Prenzlauer Berg/Chelsea café.

One is daydreaming about ordering his own bespoke Panama. But what colour, what title?

Decisions, decisions….

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