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Sinister 2 (2015)

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The Right Snuff

A “What’s down there?” format with blatant but still mainstream paedophilia, Sinister 2 follows two conflictual twin brothers, one being a pussy and the other an alpha male, so any educated viewer won’t have any major problem discerning which one is the ghost and which one is not.

As a way to put things in motion, some Children of Super 8 Corn Film Club cult has established base camp in the twins’ basement and its members each in turn shows snuff movies of their family demise. We are shown a fishing trip and a Christmas morning, by which we are led to understand that “the murder are captured through Art”. Art doesn’t in any way improves the twins relationship, their mild humiliation turning to domination/submission; “Fuck you, cunt!”, says one 10 year old to the other. This is as close as bromance as we will get.

But ah, the Art. Who the hell is editing the home movies, by now showing an elaborate brasero involving rats and entrails? How the hell can we think that Dad is not abusing his son(s), creating the Bogey Man who says “Boys have to eat”? And, ahem, eat what exactly, Dad? I mean, if I may ask?

As for a finale, New Kid on the Snuff painstakingly recreates the pre-title sequence as if no one told him that it has been done again, not better but the same, nevertheless proving that a 10 year old boy is able to crucify his family, setting them on fire, then attempt to finish them off with a scythe while filming/editing. Up yours, Orson Welles.

Some telekinetic and nonsensical jumpscare end ensue. Apparently Evil comes from Norway. Well, rutabaga.

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