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Stranger Things S1E6: The Monster

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The Rythm Of The Night

Titled as such for some reason, considering we see the monster much less than previously, this episode is crammed with incidentals. First, for you faint of heart, Nancy was not a guest but a tourist at best in the Upside Down and is rescued by Jonathan as the hollow tree miscarriages her. At that point, it is both refreshing and unbelievably stupid that said monster, alleged top predator of the parallel dimension, is as lousy as the Evil Lab who submoned it or the righteous people chasing it. It is, after all, Stranger Things we are commenting here and no stroke of genius is expected.

After being rescued, Nancy has PTS under the shower, to the point she invites Jonathan in her bed, in a chaste and pure fashion of course, because she might have be willing to be deflowered three episodes ago but it didn’t make her a slut, thank you very much. She proves this point by not sleeping but getting a crash course in zoology, from which she infers that the monster is a mix of shark and hyena. You may giggle, but this is in the printed form in a book she read from, so she most likely will have the last laugh.

Our beloved trifecta of teen boy hormone has a fleeting gay episode, Lucas being jealous of Mike to be Eleven’s toy boy with What’s-His-Name trying to reconcile them via a handshake that goes awry. The fact that Eleven looks like a boy with her shaved head is not helping much. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Nancy go bear-trap shopping, from which some minor high school drama ensues as Nancy is nevertheless a slut and shit. No but seriously, kids, behave. What about Barb? Even her mother has forgotten her, for godsake!

Hopper and Joyce visit Terry, the alleged Eleven’s mother who sued the ass off the Evil Lab / The Government, but poor dear is a vegetable whose sister says she miscarriaged and never got her child. Denial of a woman’s most sacred function, Evil Lab, you are pure and simple EVIL! Weaponised babies are mentioned. One has to underline Terry has the most responsive locked-in syndrom ever, even though she’s conveniently deprived of speech.

And as for a cliffhanger: a piss contest takes place in the quarry where Will (didn’t) die, Eleven allowing the trifecta to psychologically hurt their bullies for ever; Dr Brenner is as much convincing as the Head of Evil as a malfuntioning toaster; and, SURPRISE!, it was Eleven who opened the portal to the Diana Ross realm of death and decay, which only takes us one more Under The Skin rip off to demonstrate. We, folks, are going nowhere slow. Same strange time next strange week!

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