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Revenge S1E15: Chaos

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Here We Go Again, All The Way From The Start

After the usual “No shit?” Emily voice-over, this time acknowledging the fact that chaos can’t be controlled, we are back to square one and the pilot: the Fire & Ice engagement party. Once again, suspense is cranked to eleven at Daniel’s shooting on the beach, but wait, what did really happen on that fateful night?

Well. Taylor did. Again. Supposedly locked up in an institution for the criminally insane, he’s swiftly revealed in possession of Emily’s Box of Secrets – he actually calls it so. Also, he abducted Karamanda and demonstrates to her that Terminily is her enemy. They team up to blackmail her, which works out reasonably well, but when Taylor reveals he wants to frame Emily forĀ  Daniel’s murder because an eye for an eye (AGAIN?), Karamanda runs away, taking a bullet in the process. Bleeding, she pays a romantic hello/goodbye visit to Jack, ready to leave for Port-au-Prince on his boat.

Grayson-wise, Pops has taken a firm grip on the helm of the company he built from scratch, Conrad being busy pestering Victoria about the divorce and Daniel not being interested being CEO: Pet wants to elope Emily to Paris, because it’s romantic and he had enough of his family’s lies. The irony! Pops is good at damage control, he prevents Charlotte to see a shrink to protect the family’s reputation, so she starts self-medicating, which is not the most brilliant idea when you’re drunk. One just says.

Revenge Ninja appears at the engagement party, returning Emily’s Box of Secrets. Victoria signs the divorce papers but is planning to unleash the Security of Exchange Commission on Grayson Global. Taylor confronts Daniel at gun point on the beach and spills the beans about Emily’s revenge. The gun is shot, and even though it happens during a – red and white – firework everyone converges on the shore because convergence is an iron series rule. Jack finds the body, skinny-dipping Declan and Charlotte spot him, Victoria is mad with anguish, Emily looks mildly concerned… and this is Taylor who got shot, presumably by Daniel since he appears, covered with blood. Oh boy, what a ride!

Fun fact of the week: as soon as Emily refuses to leave with him to Paris, Daniel furrows his expressive brow and appears convinced she’s what his mother said Emily was five minutes earlier: an opportunist and a gold digger. Remember Daniel, you will never trust your mother again and Emily is way wealthier than you? The guy is not a man, he’s a weathercock. Sigh.

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