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Revenge S1E13: Commitment

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DNA for Dummies

Lies reign supreme in Revenge, maybe never more than in this episode. Not only Terminily starts laying the trap which will lead to Karamanda’s predictable demise while professing her feelings for Daniel are “irrelevant”, she sends the tape revealing Charlotte’s paternity to Conrad. His reaction is swift: he sends her back to her mother, whatever feelings he could have had for her in the past twenty plus years. Once again, Victoria is cornered, and one can’t help but thinking she’s quite an ineffective Evil Queen for quite a while now.

Her counter-strike to have Karamanda’s DNA tested to ensure she’s who she claims to be lead to nothing, since her lawyer is in cahoots with Terminily and tamper with the results. He’s fired as a result. Wait a minute, why did Emily gave him the evil look last week if he was already on her payroll? Details, details.

Daniel, against Victoria’s advice, proposes to Emily – oh so romantically under a summer storm – while multiple candles mysteriously remain alight. He then bumps into his devastated (half) sister, who herself goes have a good cry on Emily ‘s shoulder, unconscious that they are (half) sisters themselves. Oh what a clusterfuck!

A bad guy appears at the bar, meaning trouble for Karamanda. The visit is witnessed by Nolan who gets all jiggety-jiggety-jiggety. Emily spill the beans to Karamanda about her father being framed by the Graysons, after hiding the tapes at her place. Sometimes her Machiavelian revenge plot gives the impression that’s she’s either great at improvising, just very lucky, or both.

The week’s cliffhanger is good: because of the revelation about Charlotte, Terminily comes one inch to give Victoria a pass, but Daniel arrives, his expressive brow furrowed by anger: Victoria just told him “the truth” about Charlotte. Victoria’s version of the truth is of course a lie: she was raped by Emily’s father, the alleged evil criminal mastermind. Terminily hugs him in full evil look mode: revenge it is!

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