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Revenge S1E12: Infamy

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The Truman Show

We are well and truly on track. Social function, check, villain of the week, check, Daniel doing the opposite of what he said last week, check, Victoria lost and confused but for her resolve to fight to the death for her divorce, check, but without involving the children, check. Some future conflicts are simmering under the surface, like Karamanda getting restless being a barmaid, but Bar Jack bravely face the situation for now.

So, villain of the week: true to his name, Mason Treadwell, an obscure journalist at the time Terminily’s father was framed for funding terrorism, went straight to the top of the New York Time best-seller list when he published the definitive book about the case. He extorted contributions from 6yo Emily (then still Amanda) by pretending to believe her father was innocent, but in fact followed the Grayson’s instructions and wrote a prosecuting piece.

The weasely writer, vaguely inspired by a mix of Truman Capote (for the sexual proclivity and the use of old-fashioned typewriter) and Tom Wolfe (for the white suit) arrives in the Hamptons for a book signing which seems awkwardly timed. Was the book published years ago, in which case it’s old news, or recently, after a fifteen year research phase? Is the reason why the bookstore is so empty because no one in the Hamptons really wants to stir that old mud, so why the signing is even taking place?

But one digresses. The only writing Mason Treadwell has been working on since his magnum opus seems to be his Memoirs, of which only one copy exists, which he leaves sitting on his desk. All his research tapes are also displayed in a glass cabinet, leading one to think he’s actually living in the Hamptons and not just visiting for his even-more-awkward-then signing session.

Terminily hardly listens to Daniel when he announces he will spend the rest of the summer at Mom’s, tasks Nolan to foil the writer to a date and sets fire to his house after stealing his interview tapes. Justice served. And also, no one calls the fire department in the Hamptons.

Good stuff of the week: a Cyrano moment when Treadwell interviews Karamanda wearing an earpiece and repeating what Emily is phoning in. And a cliffhanger of the first order, when it is revealed that since Victoria was in cahoots with Emily’s father, Charlotte Grayson is her half-sister. Oh. My. God.

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