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Revenge S1E11: Duress

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Happy As Clams

Dramatically opening on a fast forward beach diner scene set on Beethoven’s Piano Sonata N° 14, Duress explores its titular concept in a variety of ways before sealing Taylor’s fate right for mid-season after the foreseeable “two days earlier” card makes the viewer giggles. It seems we’re back on business after last week’s plot hiatus, with a death threat, a social event and one of Terminily’s opponent demise. Welcome back, Revenge, and congratulations for your new title card, now a CGI black sea under a crimson sky!

So, it’s Daniel’s birthday and he wants to keep it simple, so an intimate clam bake on the beach it will be, catered by the Bar Brothers, who by the way are also guests. Are the Graysons slumming or what? This is an interesting table plan indeed: Victoria and Conrad are in the throes of their “Battle Royale” divorce, Bar Jack brings Karamanda as a date, Charlotte brings Bar Declan, and Daniel looks sheepishly up to Emily, who is resolved to ruin them all if need be. Also, Ashley is there without a date, since Taylor is now non grata. But who care about Ashley anyway?

Time for a quizz: what is this episode relying on as a plot device? Come on, you know the answer! But yes, Moby Disk of course, saved from drowning by the same Taylor who threw it into Nolan’s pool last week! This allows one to make a confession: only this week one realised the whale was in fact a seal. Will this leviathan of a soap opera will be revealed as a mere dolphin in the long run? We’ll see.

Taylor’s medication is a strong anti-psychosis, so potent that it seems that missing one intake sends you right back to the loony bin. Terminily steals the pills when she takes back The Black Seal Of Fate from his luggage and he quickly unravels, burning bridges with Conrad (who he calls “Connie”, using disparaging diminutives being one of psychosis’ symptoms), stabbing Nolan (where the heck is his bodyguard?) then finally holding the clam bake party at gun point until the arrival of his brother, conveniently a neuro-surgeon, saves the day. This series definitely needed a dashing surgeon.

A couple of deliciously absurd scenes popup  before then. How not to love the moment Taylor is unable to locate The Black Seal Of Fate in Emily’s house, when he just saw on Nolan’s PC it was on the mantelpiece, or the one he hides behind an open staircase? Psychosis truly messes up with one’s head…

On the Grayson divorce front, the prenup Victoria has signed is null since she was pregnant – therefore under duress – at the time, or not, but anyway she was, since she lawyered up with a tricky bastard who refused to appeal Terminily’s father verdict. She recognises him and give him the evil eye; fooled by her new hair colour and cut, he of course doesn’t recognise her at all. Ha ha.

Fun of the week: Victoria only wants the mansion and a few pieces of art, namely “the Renoir, the Pollock and the Henry Moores”. The Kandinsky “didn’t age well”. What about the Monet, lady?

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