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Revenge S1E09: Suspicion

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Discovering Japan

It is time for the Grayson Global Business on the Beach weekend, folks! And it’s volleyball! Yihuuu! Daniel is the local champ, with his jock body, his happy bovine face and his expressive eyebrows. Taylor gets sourpuss as usual: how does he expect to be taken seriously?

Also, there is a fund raiser for Grayson Investments, with various billionnaires slumming in for a mere 20 M$, which leads Ashley to say that the Graysons do not much anymore in terms of social events. She’s so bored, see, that’s she’s ready to switch allegiance from Emily to Victoria. She’s not a character, she’s a commodity. Plus she has a British accent, so she’s Evil in the making.

The real star of this episode is Nolan. While everyone is monomaniac/egomaniac, he’s the only one to appear to have some fun in the process of the series overwrought revenge plot: Emily is all locked jaw and a block of ice; Victoria laments her secret and her maternal instinct, spying on her beloved son kissing the blonde down the beach; Lydia escapes from Victoria’s custody with Conrad’s help; Taylor, always classy, buy expensive clothes for himself and Ashley with a credit card stolen from Nolan, and leaves the price tag attached; the bar bros are cannon fooder so far.

All the while, Nolan gloats and giggles. His always reliable black whale spy-cam incriminates Taylor even more. He keeps tabs on Kara/Amanda (henceforth Karamanda), who uses her previous identity to seduce Jack (the guy with a bar and a boat called Amanda). On a stroke of genius, he gets Taylor to kiss him right at the moment Ashley walks through the door. The guy worships chaos. Total respect.

Fun facts of the week: Victoria has an Imelda Marcos dressing room; “Amanda is on the Amanda”; and yes, folks, fasten your seat belts: there is actually A REVENGE NINJA TRAINING IN JAPAN! Oh, how one covets to follow¬† it!

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