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Revenge S1E08: Treachery

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Bringing on no social event but correctional facility flashbacks, this episode lingers on quite about nothing but try to impose on one to write sentences like “Daniel vindicates Victoria about having Emily investigated by Frank ». Again? What? Who?

We are now deep into Dynasty territory, behind enemy lines. Lydia is moved in by Victoria to “recuperate indefinitely”, which means it will take her half an episode to spill up the the beans. The Hamptons, see, is not only a dystopia but a time machine. And a dysfunctional one at that.

Nothing happens, really. Terminily asks Nolan to Photoshop herself into oblivion. Jack’s entire trade now relies on the Black Dahlia cocktail Amanda Clarck teaches him, think The Raffles and its Singapore Sling. Ashley feels enslaved by her employer and for some reason decides to turn it against her BFF, because Taylor is a snake with easy command on brainless women. But this is nothing compared this week’s big twist!

It takes only a siesta for Lydia to remember one thing of her recent past, and BANG, this is the New Year’s Eve party photo incriminating Terminily. This is beyond terrible writing, this is shamelessness cranked to art. Fortunately Nolan has Photoshopped her off said picture. Great timing.

Amanda refuses to be shipped in Paris and therefore put herself in Terminily’s crosshairs. Frank’s death triggers a short visit by the police, sent off track for now by way of a visit to the fish market to buy Nova Scotia salmon.

Most interesting (so to speak) character this week is Daniel, whose arc so far is beyond belief: in the same half episode he quits being a barman to join the family business while he leaves home to escape the same. All of the above after being briefly an alcoholic last week. Get a grip, buddy.

Obviously Taylor is not happy, as his sourpuss character requires him to be. All ends in pontoon wisdom as contractually required. Status quo maintained. Next!

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