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Revenge S1E07: Charade

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Domino Dancing

One doesn’t expect much good when Shakespeare is quoted in such a context, especially about wearing two faces. Here comes this kind of episode in which a lazy writing crew has to cram everything they didn’t address (or so the show runner thinks reaching the first third of the season). This is a bitch to review, considering a lot happens but nothing. Anyway, let’s stick to basics:

The Graysons are the most perfect couple in The Hamptons, according to the Life and Leisure section chief editor, a nosy bitch. Also, there is an intimate anniversary diner, far from Victoria’s “legendary soirées”. Taylor is invited and will brings Ashley as a date, but not. Charlotte (one finally figured what’s her name) will bring Declan. That’s gauche.

As usual the pre-title sequence establishes the agenda: some minor threat to Terminily’s agenda, a social function allowing her and Queen Victoria to lock horns and a raincheck on her relationships with Daniel (the easiest fooled guy in the room), Jack (off) and Nolan (outed in this episode). So what do we get as plot thickening?

Nolan now has a bodyguard, who “also does panic rooms”, to which Terminily answers “I don’t panic”. Good one. Declan fishes out of water as it is his mission statement. Nolan finds out Taylor was a gay hustler and then they fuck (flowchart update needed!), but it’s on tape. Goon Frank tracks the real Emily Thorne, who is an exotic dancer. Of course, not an accountant. He gives a call to Queen Vic before she offs him, because because, and we have two potential villains terminated, one literally and the other gossipically. But there is a cute Mother/son scene which comes handy for this week’s topic.

Daniel and Terminily are in luv. Victoria’s secret (sorry, one can help it) true love was Emily/Amanda’s father, but she framed him all the same. Queen Bitch is fighting backwards, not forward. She’s in deep shit.

Fun fact of the week: the writing crew was so helpless they already woke up Lydia, whose coma was apparently a mild faint. One means, come on.

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