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Revenge S1E04: Duplicity

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Sweet Charity

In this fourth episode, Emily has been going to see the Hamptons’ designated shrink for one year. Wait, more like a a decade? Dr Banks have been her shrink since childhood and had her institutionalised, but still she consults her, when she must know her real identity? We need another flow chart! Dr Banks records her sessions with a webcam, without which there would be no episode (not that it would change much). Emily also has video surveillance on everything, and a red felt pen she uses to draw circles around the head of her next victim, all but having a fit of evil laugh. One only hopes that her villa, and the big wooden box inside which she keeps track of her nefarious plot, will never be searched.

Enter Daniel’s room mate at Harvard, Taylor, whose motivations are moot to say the least. Is he jealous of Daniel, does he want to bang him or does he  want it dead, not necessarily in that order? Well, don’t fret, pets. Time will tell.

Jack of the restaurant sells it or not according to the weather forecast, while Declan of the same still cute-courts the rich bitch he saw online fucking one of her peers.

Queen Victoria organises a mother-daughter charity tea during which the tear-jerking DVD presentation is replaced by a greatest hits compilation of the shrink’s sessions, cleverly including Emily confessing she can’t get close to anyone, a rather prude revelation while another guest confesses she had sex with her husband’s brother and Victoria admits that given the choice, she would never have her daughter. Victoria fumes. “I’ll talk to everyone and I’ll be back in one hour”, calmly states her Head of Security, confirming that the Hampton’s population is in the low 30s.

Emily is now painting hideous seascapes. Dr Banks is found locked in a Grayson-owned container. Always empathetic Declan makes friends with Taylor because they’re both second sons. Cliffhanger of the week shows decidedly evil Taylor turning Daniel in the bed on which he passed out drunk (after spending three episodes on the wagon, but who cares). Will episode 5 will be titled “Vomit”? No such luck – spoiler alert – it’s called Guilt. Well, one could argue that guilt could be induced by a Jim Morrisson death, but come on, this is the Hampton’s!

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