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Revenge S1E03 (2011)

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When in Rum…

This third installment of the series does not progress at breakneck speed. A lot of coming and going occurs, the plot firmly trusting two ingredients to thicken: adulterous sex and a villain of the week whom Emily destroys without flinching, even though an initial nightmare scene suggest she lives in fear of being identified as the mastermind behind the support cast’s demise. One wonders how many weeks she has left before it becomes obvious than the wagon started losing its wheels at her arrival and that, in Ten Little Indians fashion, the number of suspects steadily diminishes.

What’s on the social agenda this week? Rich and poor still have their respective problems. Jack and Declan, the restaurant brothers, aren’t not hungry for breakfast and Queen Victoria is not overwhelmed by the diamond pendant her husband gives her in the morning. One guesses that too much of a good thing makes anyone shrug at it.

As a plot hinge, dry-cleaning is replaced by a labrador, the dog apparently knowing his way from the boat to the villa but not the other way round. It allows Emily and Jack to get closer to each other, the fact they both lost their father helping at forging this bound. Awwww.

Frenemy Nolan helps Emily hacking a US Senator’s tablet and pressure him via a surveillance tape establishing that he was somewhere doing something at some point. The guy was the District Attorney at her father’s trial, see. He’s crowd-funded by the Hampton’s Grayson clique and the plot reaches a dramatic climax when he announces his retirement from politics after his adulterous liaison and lovechild have been leaked to the press. One more villain bites the dust.

Nolan lives in a penthouse with a lot of bottle water. A LOT. He accesses a remote webcam and lend his laptop to Declan, who refuses to check the cam at first but of course does 10 minutes later, to discover than some guy has sex with the rich girl he likes – or something. Once again, one does not keep track of who’s banging who, which would require a flow chart.

Victoria still knows everything, including what she could not possibly know. She takes a bit of a backseat in this episode, while her “politics as black magic” approach underlines she’s the Evil Queen to a particularly vicious Snow White.

Hampton’s fun fact of the week: one who does not like conjugal diamonds  in the morning will enjoy adulterous ones in the evening. Ha!

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