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Revenge (2011)

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Situated in a dystopian environment (The Hamptons), the aptly named ABC series aims at demonstrating that if revenge is best served cold, it is even more mouth­watering left unfrozen. An ambitious goal for the educated palate, to say the least.

A Dynasty for the 21st century, Revenge pits against each other betrayed­-by-­their-­names Emily Thorne, the very blonde and very poor little rich orphan girl whose ambition is to become the thorn in the side of Queen of the Season Victoria Grayson, the very dark­haired, very rich bitch who has everything, icluding a Monet to auction for charity. The thing about The Hamptons see, is that there is more to it than meets the eye. Not only Victoria and her unfaithful husband have framed Emily’s father for funding terrorism (something IT companies routinely do), but the damn place is oozing with depravity, a cauldron of sin and cupidity if there ever was one. From the pilot on, it appears obvious that keeping track of who’s banging who is a task both ungrateful and fruitless. The Hamptons are like Hollywood: everyone is banging everyone. Better focus on what each episode of the first season teaches us. One rarely spends the season in the Hamptons, so one is allowed to leer, right? Shall we?

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Episode 1 Pilot

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The only episode not to be tittled after some variation of the series’ one word concept, Pilot firmly establishes two things: Emily means business and The Hamptons are no place to be fussy about fashion faux pas. There they are, indeed, bold status statements. From the flash forward antagonistic “Fire and Ice” engagement party to the richest of the lot wearing two Ralph Lauren polo shirt on top of each other, both pink, it is only natural that most plot points hinge on dry­cleaning. Who cares what you are wearing when you can, like Queen Victoria, sip champagne discussing with her book club which multi­million dollar painting to auction? Ah, old money with Monet… Shoking reality though, there are poor people in The Hamptons. While the rich have heart problems, they have money trouble. To each his own eh, even if The Hamptons’ “poor” have their own home, business and boat. One wonders if their plain clothes are not the very root of their dire situation.

Emily sets the ball rolling by bringing Victoria aware to the fact that her husband cheats on her with best friend Lydia, who is consequently banished to the outer realm. Wanna humiliate your neighbour in The Hamptons? Switch the Monet she just won in your auction by the Van Gogh she offered you back when you were BFF. Bitch slap!

Cherry on the (fire and ice) cake: a character called Cole Porter. Such witticism is the mark of the truly great.

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