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Monster Ball: Best of 2016

Best Movie: Busanhaeng (Train to Busan)
Sang-ho Yeon’s first live action movie is nearly perfect, packing together social commentary, compassionate character studies, suberb action scenes and visceral gore. In a year of Brexit and Trump, with a crucial French presidential election ahead, it delivers a powerful political message to the masses: eat the rich!
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Best Series: The Young Pope
Not only Paolo Sorrentino has released masterpieces like Il Divo or La Grande Belleza, but he wrote and directed this astonishingly smart, cruel and funny frescoe about power and faith’s inherent madness. Visually somptuous and Fellinian in its voluptuous irreverence, The Young Pope would by itself demonstrate that nowadays cable TV does a better job at cinema than cinema itself.
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Best Discovery: I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House
Oz Perkins’ second feature after his riveting The Blackcoat’s Daughter creeps on you like mold, like rust, like rot, resulting in the best horror movie of the year and proving that there is no need of gore when a phone cord or the corner of a carpet can be shown as so deeply disturbing. This movie redefines creepy with virtually nothing but a unique eye for framing and a fine ear for soundscaping; it is absolutely brilliant.
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Most liked Movies post: Assassin’s Creed (1,3K)
Apparently you like us best when we really, really don’t like the movie we review, since close contenders were Allied and The Girl On The Train. There is so much more where these things come from, it’s only the beginning…

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Most liked Series post: American Horror Story S6E5 (1,3K)
… But fortunately you also appreciate when we have positive things to say about good stuff. This is a pretty impressive score for a single episode review, the whole 10 episode season reaching a grand total of more than 5000 likes. Can you wait for Season 7? We can’t.

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Memorable lines
“Nobody hurts Kevin!” Ghostbusters
“It’s a terrible thing to look at oneself and all the while see nothing.” I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House
“Are you sleeping Holy Father? No I’m praying. For you.” The Young Pope
“He falls in love and his mind goes to submarine life?” Genius
“Croissant was raped by a stray dog called Mohammed.” Wiener Dog
“There is no after after this.” American Horror Story, My Roanoke Nightmare


Most expected movie in 2017: Suspiria

For 40 years the simple suggestion that Dario Argento’s Suspiria could be remade was sure to be met by a fit of laughter or rage. Yet, it’s happening, courtesy of Luca Guadagnino, which credentials include Amore and A Bigger Splash, both great, and a casting which includes at least one real witch: the one and only SWINTON! We have faith: good or bad, it’s gonna be epic.

Movies we didn’t review but would do if asked nicely:

Elle (Paul Verhoeven)
Nocturnal Animals (Tom Ford)
I Am Not A Serial Killer (Billy O’Brien)
Arrival (Denis Villeneuve)
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (David Yates)
Moonlight (Barry Jenkins)

The comments section is your friend, use it to let us know what you regret we missed!

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