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Mario Luca Giusti Tableware, Florence

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Shopping in the Plastic Age

Two shops in Florence – and a corner at the Amerigo Vespucci airport – display the synthetic resin tableware designed by Mario Luca Giusti. Starting at 20+€ for goblets, the more elaborated pieces, like classic “cut crystal” wine glasses, pitchers or salad bowls will set you back 35 to 95€ but they are virtually indestructible and come in an array of vivid colors that will give a pop boost at any table dressing. The white wine glasses (pictured) are a thing of beauty, looking like abstractions or ghosts, while their black counterparts make a bold, gothic statement.

Florence is a small city, heavily relying on its heritage and traditions. One can feel the weight of the past on one’s shoulders at virtually every street corner. It is therefore good witnessing the city reinventing its heritage by re-interpretating some classical shapes by way of the less Renaissance possible material. If you want to bring home an unpredictable gift, go to Via della Vigna Nuova or Via Spada. The hardest thing will be for you to choose which one…

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