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Life’s Too Short: Sherlock S4E1

Elementary My Poor Watson

How low the mighty have fallen: when did Sherlock become 24? Let’s face it, the series is not half as clever as it thinks it is, quite ugly to look at and incoherently geared in a morass of family plots which have no resonance in the Holmes canon. What was at first a ingenious take on classic characters steadily declined from Season 2, thanks to an atrocious Moriarty turn and the global rise of its star’s fame. Benedict Cumberbatch is becoming cumbersome as he’s entering Roger Moore territory: when the hell is he proposed the James Bond role?

A slamming door farce in awe of both its protagonist’s charisma and its main actor’s wattage, Sherlock has switched from dominatrixes and naked visits to Buckingham Palace to adorable moppets, and well written vilains to endless, useless banter. The series is highly functionning nothing, a mere self-absorbed trifle when it is supposed to be a feast of cleverness. Not genius but lazily ingenious, it is the TV equivalent of casting Sophie Turner as the most powerful mind in the whole galaxy. Suspension of disbelief doesn’t apply anymore because you know, life’s too short.

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