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La Cometa Galeria


A Fetish Quechua Tent to Sleep “Outside”

The other great art gallery in Bogota is La Cometa. Situated in a specifically designed building, it is a delicious place with a bar in its leafy courtyard, a terrace and several levels to wander through. A level was closed during one’s visit, but one was kindly allowed to take a look at the work in progress and it was quite fascinating to watch three people carefully dusting the floor with spices, soil and coloured powders.

One is very grateful to Daniela Marin, in charge of special projects, to have been so welcoming: one was allowed to even check the works in display in the gallery offices. Wonderful time thanks to you, Daniela.

Even the parking sign is a specially commissioned work of art. An impressive place, really, managed by sweet people with a keen eye for up-and-coming artists, La Cometa is not to be missed. That’s too bad, because one miss it already…

La Cometa Website


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