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Damien S1E04: The Number of a Man

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Down the Plughole

There is a awful lot of plumbing issues in this episode, and not only in the litteral sense. Not only Solange and Damien have some, but apparetly the writers have encountered a plot plug: nothing much happens interms of what makes this series enjoyable, namely ludicrous death scenes. There is this guy in the police station though.

At this point, if a bathtub or a sink gets clogged, you expect a rottweiler to jump out of it. Nothing of the sort, infortunately. Only at the end of the episode does this specific beast appears, luring Detective Shay and his partner’s (adopted? son into the pool where he nearly drows. Shay 2, Rotweiller 0, the demon has been more effective in the past.

Solange and her mother have an Haitian witch doctor around, performing a purification ritual. The number 666 appears in the flames, confirming Solange’s suspicion that her dead sister Kelly attempts at communicating with her, in this kind of supernatural contact true fashion, i.e. the most awkwardly possible. She breaks the news at Damien, gloomily cleansing his camera in near darkness. He wants the killings to stop, still unaware that he causes them. This, as Bradley Jones’ acting, is not very convincing. The guy is as expressive as a piece of the True Cross.

Detective Shay grills Damien about Trot’s death in the escalator. When The Beast is about to exit the police station after dissing on Ann Rutlege because he thinks she’s behind his plugged sink (again? , some guy stabbed himself repeatedly in the crotch with a pair of scissors. At Shay’s visit to Rutlege, the Damien Thorn Museum of Red Tricycle has become a panic room / wine cellar. Also, Amani meets a hot chick.

And that’s it. They better have a ludicrous death scene in Episode 5!

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