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Damien S1E02: Second Death

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The Amen

The reason why this episode is titled so is beyond one, but second death it is, well, let’s go for it. Starting with an exorcism in Chile and ending in The Damien Thorn Museum of Red Tricycle, it is absolutely as ludicrous as the pilot, which make it quite en endearing show. So what can be said about it without spoiling too much of this absurd endeavour? Apart that from reason unknown, they have decided to drop the silent “e” in the  original Thorne name?

First a reasurance: Kelly is definitely dead and this is her funeral. Damien is not thrilled at the prospect of attending, which allow us to pry into the Beast’s private life: he does not shave nor shower during three days, compulsively checking the Damascus pictures. That’s his body, his life and his right; what’s more surprising is that his friend Amani keep tabs on his hygiene and threatened to shower with him if he keeps on dragging his feet and, he says, “that won’t be pretty”. Well, we the audience should be the judge of that.

During the service, Simone goes rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb about her sister and Damien, who had no qualms yelling at the Christ on the Cross last week, get sick in the proximity of the Almighty. Lurking under his hood, a goon has been appointed to kill him with the last remaining Megiddo dagger, which a priest gave him just before dying, of stupidity one presumes, since his last words are that Damien is worse than Hitler. Get a grip, Church.

Some theological polemic ensues, with Damien offending Simone’s faith. It’s worth to be noted that she wears a short tight, fully zipped-up in the back dress for her sister’s funeral. He leaves and go take pictures of homeless people in near darkness. The killer attempts to stab him, but a rottweiler appears out of nowhere and he fails. These dogs bugs one. Are they  following the Beast everywhere? Wouldn’t a pack of hostile rottweilers be quite conspicuous in Damascus?

Damien still does not get it. Could the Devil’s son be a retard? Fortunately Ann Ruthledge is there to brief him about his origin – not the jackal copulation, but the fact that he was born in Roma and adopted by the US Ambassador. Ann’s interior designer had a blast, going full demonic curio cabinet, which does not seem like the epitome of the “discretion” she was professing last week. She even has another Megiddo dagger in a box. Five more to go.

Of course there is a secret passage leading to a shrine to Damien’s life including, yes, the tricycle he used to kill his mother in the original movie. The effect of this bright red vehicle on a lit pedestal is rather awkward and is worth your viewing by itself.

Fun facts of the week: there is one very scared cardinal in the Vatican and he is exfiltrating the Chilean exorcist to fight the Beast. Amen to that.

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