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Knock Knock

Who’s there, useless to most but funny for some, we hope?

A lot of things one watched in the past months, leading to some sort of ophtalmic occlusion. There was a point reviewing seemed as useless as regurgitating stuff over and over again, to the point it would become the cliché it was supposed to expose as such.

Still, a few movies and series got to one’s head and the feeling it was worth writing about the daily entertainment tsunami we face was reborn. Boom, there it was.

So here we are, with a leaner, meaner structure and some new ideas we’re excited to share. Whoever read this, thank you. Please stay tuned.

And remember: any show is a freak show.

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Well, this has been a while, folks!

Being the other world that is is, Japan has triggered a train of thought about this blog and what we were trying to achieve with it. This train was more omnibus than shinkantsen, so it took its time to arrive to destination, but here we are, finally.

We will resume regular publication this week, abandoning the weekly/thematic format to better follow what’s happening on screen, large or small. One suspects the result will be quite the same in the long run, and that’s what we are here for.

Categories won’t change and we’ll post in each of them according to what comes our way; the Monstrometer remains a qualitative estimation tool informing you whether a given movie taps into our five topics of interest. Giving grades or attributing stars is of no interest for us.

The Facebook page has proven quite successful, so it will keep on relaying the best reviews we produce. Stay tune for more modern monstrosity on a less regular but more constant basis.


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