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Nadin Ospina is one of the most famous Latin American artists, who from the early 90s to the early 2000s playfully reappropriated himself American cartoon characters in stone or terracotta, transforming them into pre-colombian idols and effigies. His work from that period has been acclaimed and is heftily priced on the art market. It can be appreciated on

The Galeria El Museo, representing the artist in Bogota, had the brilliant idea to issue a limited edition of some of his work, made from resin. Please meet Bao’s new room-mate, number 11 out of 25. Duh.

A sister gallery is established in Madrid, Spain: Galeria Fernando Pradilla.

One had a delightful time in the gallery and wishes to thank Camila Urdenata Pignalosa for her graciousness, knowledge of the works on display and kind authorization to publish a couple of pictures taken there&&&&&&&. Muchissimas gracias !

Nadin Ospina Website

Galeria El Museo Website


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