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Are you member of a Loyalty Programme?

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  1. You are a diamond member and you want an upgrade.
  2. You were not upgraded. Fuming in the standard room you booked, you check on your tablet if club rooms or suites are available and since some are, you get back down to Front Desk and ask to speak to the manager, now.
  3. You devote a sizeable part of your time at calculating the value of your miles, conflicted between accumulating more or burning them before a devaluation occurs.
  4. You think this quarter’s promotion is lousy; it doesn’t fit your travel pattern.
  5. The hotel lounge is closed during the weekend. You vent your anger and frustration with like-minded travelers on FlyerTalk.
  6. Once having become Life Platinum, you start suspecting your life has just peaked and lost most of its meaning.
  7. The programme you are affiliated with is about to be merged with another offering less perks. You feel dead inside.
  8. You have been upgraded to your first Presidential Suite. You get lost on your way back from the jacuzzi and end up in the pantry.
  9. Cocktail time at the Club Lounge runs from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. You secure the best table by 5:30 and fiddle with your smartphone while the staff install the hors d’oeuvres and the bar. By 7:15 you slur your words when you get annoyed that there are no pistachio macarons left.
  10. You can’t fathom why laundry is not complimentary for top tier members.
  11. Your room was not turned down when you got back. You lodge an online complaint to Customer Service, asking for a compensation.
  12. You take part in your programme’s online community. It’s a thrill to be able to voice your opinion regarding bathroom amenities or resort fees. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  13. You check your point balance with great regularity. It comforts you as much as it frustrates you.
  14. In your most secret dream you wish staff would address you as “Your Life Membership”.
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