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Are You a Dario Argento Character?


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  1. You enjoy listening again and again to the cries of exotic birds.
  2. You like solving puzzles because you are blind.
  3. You play prog rock that makes people wanna kill you.
  4. Your nightmares have a British accent.
  5. You sing nursery rhymes to your child in order to mess up his life.
  6. You quit ballet training because of all the barbed wire.
  7. You have no joy finding your keys, especially when you have to swim underwater  for them.
  8. You are prone to sudden urges to repaint your kitchen wall in bright color.
  9. Your BFF is a lepidopter.
  10. After your colleagues have been viciously killed by a maniac, you find solace gazing at mountain flowers in the Swiss Alps.
  11. Your aesthetic sensibility is so developed that it sometimes puts you in tricky situations. In retrospect, you wish you hadn’t kissed that grouper on the mouth.
  12. A dwarf killed your mother with a clarinet.
  13. When you have a day off your demanding police work, nothing helps you unwind like a game of Texas Hold’em handcuffed to a busy railroad.
  14. Nothing in your immemorial witchcraft prepared you to the fact that fire burns.
  15. You are Adrian Brody, except when you are Adrian Brody.
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