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Are you a character from Hannibal?

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  1. You speak in a hushed tone not to disturb the dissonant string ambient music.
  2. You are a Master Chef but your dressing style is a bit on the flamboyant side.
  3. You never met a serial killer that you didn’t like enough not to eat.
  4. You are a reputed psychoanalyst, but recently you seem to have reached the limit of your therapeutic skills.
  5. For some reason, you have to mention the city of Chesapeake in every other sentence.
  6. Even though you are not French, you devote a strong interest for snails.
  7. You are a creature of habits. You always go to the same shops to buy the same items, be they scents, silk ties, Alba truffles or vintage Bâtard-Montrachet. Conveniently, all those shops are at spitting distance of each other in Florence, Italy, where no one knows you resides.
  8. You dispationately eat your right leg, knowing there is more to follow.
  9. You grew a majestic beard in hope it matches the splendor of your ego, but alas, it failed and you die in the process.
  10. The more jaded you become, the better you dress.
  11. Your father was a serial killer. Your father figure is a serial killer who set up your father to be killed by the man you love, himself a potential serial killer. There is nothing you would like more than developing your own brand of serial killing. You nevertheless manage to get through two seasons unharmed.
  12. You play the flute in a renown classical orchestra, or maybe the cello.
  13. You can never get the classical Italian menu right.
  14. You are not afraid to eat oysters out of season, since you feel suspicious towards any kind of meat, be it fresh or cured.
  15. When blood drops, it’s always in slo-mo.
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