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American Horror Story S6E10


Priscilla, Queen Of The Blood Moon

After an unsavoury episode 9, the finale comes as a relief: yes, they made it, bringing a satisfying conclusion to a remarkable season, which will remain as the bleakest, cruellest and most pessimistic of the six; often also the wittiest and sharpest one. It is rather impressive that the writers, taping into that stale pool of found footage and reality TV, have concocted such a riveting tale of foolishness, retribution and sacrifice, brilliantly interpreted by such an uniformly good ensemble cast. The acerbic social commentary, running as a strong undercurrent along the season, brings to focus a new dimension of AHS, confirming the series as one of the most innovative thing one can watch on TV at the moment. Maybe even more importantly, they have managed to conclude with their trademark note of tenderness for the character they have dragged through hell, even though this time only one finds solace and closure, and finds it through sacrifice.

After a goofy flashback to happy times between My Roanoke Nightmare and its ill-fated sequel, during which the cast is having its fifteen minutes of fame, being interviewed by a drag queen with giant hair in front of a worshipping crowd, we focus, as was expected, on Lee’s case. A mix of newsflashes and webcasts briefly sum up her first trial for the murders she commited during the doomed second season. She’s found not guilty, having been under the influence of the Polk’s hallucinogenic product. This causes as much outrage as it cements her status as a post-modern icon.

The second trial, for the murder of her husband during the first season, reacquaints us with a character that we were worried the writers had forgotten, her daughter Flora, who testifies against Lee as an eyewitness but tells her “I was safe with Priscilla, happier than I ever was with you”. Having ger daughter rejecting her so completely is Lee’s worst possible sentence. The jury however, refusing to base their decision on ghost stories, finds her not guilty again.

In true contemporary fashion, Lee publishes a best-selling book and goes on live TV in hope to reach out to Flora, chosing the Lana Winters Show. Lana Winters was the journalist surviving Season 2: Asylum at the price of killing her son, the serial killer known as Bloody Face. Sarah Paulson, freed from the hurdles of her British accent, does a fine job at playing Barbara Walters, botoxed to one inch of her life and therefore unable to express anything than mild interest when the last remaining member of the Polk family breaks into the studio with an assault rifle.

Ensues the last intrusion into the house on Sappony Road, this time in the framework of the Spirit Chasers cable TV programme, and to our utmost relish Ashley Gilbert, the medium also known as ; Crickett, reappears to wrap up a nice series of bloody deaths. Only Lee and Flora remain in the haunted house, surrounded by ghost during the Blood Moon. Only one goes out alive as was announced in that Episode 6 title card, after a final twist which firmly establishes the season as first and foremost a ghost story.

Ultimately blurring the lines between reality and the fictional rendition of it, Roanoke messes up with our head with gleeful relish and more than a little cruelty. 2016 was, all in all, an excellent vintage for American Horror Story. Season 7 is already announced for early next year; one can’t wait to be submitted to such perversion again, wondering what mind games the very talented authors of the show will come up with. Congratulations to the crew!

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